What is NeuroBoard

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AI hardware accelerator powered by 4608 neurons on eight neuromorphic chips (NM500 ASIC) and very fast in FPGA neurons. The on board CPU can run both emulated neurons and conventional SW to support AI. Designed to fit most of the embedded and server systems (supports M.2 and PCIe slots), NeuroBoard can run also in standalone mode, directly connecting to sensors and networks.

- Versions on slots M 2 2280 edge High End) and M 2 2242 edge Low End)
- Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale 4 core ARM A 52 or Xilinx Artix 7 (no CPU)
- Up to 8 chip NM 500 4608 neurons
- HW, FW and SW developed in house
- Linux embedded (YOCTO)
- Custom carrier board USB or Ethernet adapter (standalone mode)

Brevetti+, finanziato MISE tramite Invitalia

L’opportunità che ci è stata offerta dal bando Brevetti+ finanziato dal MISE tramite Invitalia, ci ha permesso di usufruire di una serie di consulenze specialistiche con lo scopo di valorizzare il brevetto Sentry e avvicinarci ulteriormente al mercato.
Brevetti+ Sentry