Why Choose SWHARD


Let us transform innovative ideas and complex problems into sound technological solutions. Only using our passion and our collaborators’ skills.
Imagine a world where all companies can develop their products internally. Smallest companies included. A world where companies get the best of custom technology, develop their own solutions while retaining full ownership.
This is why our goal is to help companies express their full potential, by making the best tools accessible and creating the right technological solutions for their business.


Great reliability, deriving from our experience gained in prestigious companies and to a lean process aimed to inefficiency-reduction.


We believe in innovators with real visions and feasible ideas.
Our mission is to turn insights into technology and use our passion to sustainably realize today the yesterday-imagined future of our customers.


No compartmentalized development.
We believe discussion and collaboration lead to a greater efficiency. Our proven process involves the hardware, software and firmware departments all at once, implementing a transverse technical operativity.


1. Customer type identification
2. Needs identification and understanding
3. Feasibility analysis
4. Proof of Concept (PoC). To demonstrate the practicality of our solution.
5. Prototype develoment
6. Needed Testing
7. Final product engineering